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Koke Honey Ethiopia


*Due to retail bag shortage, any orders placed between 01/18/21-02/07/20 will be packaged in white bags rather than the pictured bag. Our standard(colorful) bags will be back in stock the first week of February. Sorry for the inconvenience!*


All coffee is roasted on Sundays and shipped on Mondays. Orders placed after midnight (CST) on Saturdays will be roasted and shipped the following week. Since coffee is perishable, we do not accept returns.

Tasting Notes: Blueberry candy, lime, floral

All coffee is roasted on Mondays and shipped on Tuesdays. Orders placed after midnight (CST) on Sundays will be roasted and shipped the following week.

Tasting Notes: Watermelon, mango, herbal, juicy

Producer: Small-scale farmers

Country of Origin: Ethiopia

Growing Region: Yirgacheffe

Zone: Gedeo

Variety: Kurume, Dega, Wolisho

Elevation: 1800 MASL

Harvest: November-March

Process: Honey

Drying: Raised beds

Importer: Ally Coffee

Welcome back a crowd favorite, Koke Honey! This is our second year purchasing this fun, fruity and floral coffee.

This year’s Koke Honey is made up of coffee produced by 96 small-scale farmers! Farmers take their picked cherries to the Koke Washing Station, where it undergoes Honey processing.

Coffee is first dried in the cherries for two days, producing deep, fruity flavors in the cup. The coffee is then de-pulped, washed and dried on raised beds. The dried cherry is then transported to a coffee cleaning/storage plant in Addis Ababa, where it undergoes one final sorting before being prepped for export.



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Weight 13 oz
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