Monarch Coffee

Katia Duke Honduras


All coffee is roasted on Sundays and shipped on Mondays. Orders placed after midnight (CST) on Saturdays will be roasted and shipped the following week. Since coffee is perishable, we do not accept returns.

Tasting Notes: Brown Sugar, Stone Fruit, Sparkling

Producer: Katia Duke

Farm: San Isidro

Country of Origin: Honduras

Growing Region: Copán

Variety: Catuai

Elevation: 1300 MASL

Harvest: December – March

Process: Microorganism Fermentation Washed

Drying: Raised Beds/Concrete Patio


Micro-organism Fermentation:

After harvesting and de-pulping Catuai cherries, they are fermented in ceramic tanks in a liquid known as “mosto”, for 18-24 hrs. Mosto is the leftover liquid from an anaerobically-fermented coffee; this liquid is rich in yeasts in bacteria, which help kick start the fermentation process for the freshly harvested Catuai.

After fermentation, the coffee is fully washed with spring water, then dried on raised beds or concrete patio, depending on weather conditions.



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Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 3 in