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Kagumo Kenya AB


All coffee is roasted on Sundays and shipped on Mondays. Orders placed after midnight (CST) on Saturdays will be roasted and shipped the following week. Since coffee is perishable, we do not accept returns.

Tasting Notes: Lemonade, Honey, Pineapple, Sparkling

Producer: Smallholder Farmers

Washing Station: Kagumo Factory

Cooperative: Mutira Farmers Cooperative Society

Country of Origin: Kenya

Growing Region: Kirinyaga

Location: Ngariama

Variety: SL28, Batian, Ruiru

Elevation: 1550 masl

Process: Washed

Drying: Raised Beds, 12-20 days

Importer: Red Fox Coffee Merchants


Without further delay, we’re excited to welcome Kagumo AB to our lineup!

Kenya is one of the most revered coffee origins — beloved by coffee professionals and enthusiasts alike. This is not without reason; Kenya has a track record for immaculate coffee processing that produce a large range of flavor profiles.

Most Kenyan coffee farmers are smallholders(only produce a small amount of coffee). Therefore, most join cooperatives that aid in marketing/selling their coffee cherries. Most Kenyan farmers take their coffee cherries to washing stations(or, factories), where they are processed to produce exportable coffee.

We sampled a few Kenyas from our importing friends at Red Fox Coffee Merchants. It’s common to find Kenyas with bold flavor; Kagumo’s balanced, yet sparkling, citric acidity and delicate tropical flavor made it a standout, and thus, a no-brainer. We hope you enjoy this perfect, summer coffee!


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