Gatuyaini AA Kenya


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Kenya is known for it’s clean and complex coffees, and every year we are eager to get these coffees in our roaster. This coffee has layers of fruit in the cup: raspberry, plum, with a sugary sweetness that reminds us of a lemon/lime soda. All of this leads to a lingering rose-like floral character in the finish.

Situated between the Thuti and Tunuku rivers in Nyeri county, the Gatuyaini Wet Mill has 785 member farmers. The coffee is pulped, fermented, washed, and dried in parchment for 2-3 weeks. Once dried, the coffee is taken to the Othaya Coffee Mill for dry milling and packing for export.

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Nyeri (Othaya Constituency)


SL-28,SL-34, Ruiru 11, Batian


785 farmers, including 591 men & 194 women


Fully washed at Gatuyaini Wet Mill, dry milled at Othaya Coffee Mill


1981 MASL

Tasting Notes

raspberry, plum, lemon lime soda


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