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This coffee is exceptionally clean and structured. When we taste this coffee, we’re reminded of blood orange,  pomegranate, and brown sugar. A creamy mouthfeel provides the stage for the flavor attributes to shine.

This coffee is the result of a partnership between Arturo Meza Hill, Aida Batlle, and J. Hill & Company. Aida is one of the most decorated and respected coffee producers in the world, and she has teamed up with J. Hill & Co to offer assistance to farms in El Salvador, Mexico, and Brazil. This program, called “Aida Batlle Selection” aims to “incentivize and educate producers, millers, and exporters to upgrade operations and enter the high-end specialty market”. The ABS team works with everyone involved with coffee production at origin: pickers, producers, and managers at the farm level, and all personnel and management at the processing facilities.

Finca La Florida is located on the slopes of the Santa Ana Volcano. Arturo’s coffee bloodlines run deep, as Finca La Florida and other adjacent farms have been his family for three generations. The farms share a clinic and school that provide for their employees and the surrounding community.

Typical processing in El Salvador is a 12 hour dry fermentation, before the coffee is washed and dried. This coffee is not typical, as the ABS program has implemented processing practices that are more common in Kenya. After pulping, the coffee undergoes a 48 hour dry fermentation. Every 12 hours during this fermentation, a small amount of water is added and the coffee is turned using a wooden paddle. After the initial fermentation, the coffee is washed in channels before returning to the fermentation tank to soak in fresh water for another 24 hours. After the second fermentation, the coffee is allowed to dry on raised drying beds.

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El Salvador


Los Naranjos – Apaneca Ilamatepec Mountain Range


Arturo Meza Hill at Finca La Florida


Fully Washed, Kenya Style Fermentation


1500 MASL

Tasting Notes

Blood Orange, Brown Sugar, Pomegranate


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