Emissary Espresso

Brazil & Colombia


Emissary is an ever-evolving blend of two coffees, created specifically to be combined with other ingredients and flavors. While its balanced and sweet on its own, it excels most in milk.

The backbone of this blend, Sitio Vargem Alegre (Brazil) provides caramel-like sweetness, nutty flavors, and a round body. We like to think of it as the rhythm section for this coffee, being two-thirds of the blend.

This lot of coffee is a catuai variety, which began production in Brazil in 1972, and today makes up over 50% of arabica coffee produced in Brazil. It takes after one of its genetic parents, caturra, in that it’s a productive, compact shrub.

We purchased Vargem Alegre from Anthem Coffee Imports, out of Kansas City, MO. The Silva family owns a total of 12 hectares, which is divided into three different farms. Vargem Alegre, with the highest altitude of their farms, is managed by 22 year old Cleverson Daniel Da Silva. His recent harvests have been very successful, placing 2nd in the 2016 Brazil Cup of Excellence, and 10th place in the 2017 competition. We’re excited that their 2018 crop is the anchor of our signature espresso.

Finca La Loma explodes with a pineapple like sweetness that is an excellent complement to the flavor profile of the Vargem Alegre. This coffee gives the espresso it’s crisp fruit characteristic, and it comprises one-third of the blend. We think that La Loma provides Emissary with its melody.

La Loma is a caturra variety, typically known for its bright acidity. It is a natural mutation of the bourbon variety that occurred sometime between 1915 and 1918 in Brazil. Now the variety is grown throughout Central and South America. It’s favored for its compact size, making it possible to grow more plants in a smaller plot of land, and all the cherries are within reach of the pickers.

At Finca La Loma, Jose Ignacio Paz follows traditional processing practices, an 18 hour fermentation, and 5 days drying on a patio. It’s his attention to detail that makes this coffee so delightful. 

This coffee was purchased from Olam Specialty Coffee, out of Providence, Rhode Island.

Additional information


Natural, Washed


1200 masl, 1950 masl

Cultivar / Variety

Yellow Catuai, Caturra


Tangerine, Brown Sugar, Milk Chocolate

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