Portrait by Jeff León Jones

Founded by a barista and an artist, Monarch is a marriage of coffee and art.

Opened in July 2017 by Tyler and Jaime Rovenstine, Monarch was a vision several years in the making. After welcoming their first child, they decided to finally work towards opening the shop they had been dreaming about creating for over a decade.

An established and decorated barista, Tyler brings the coffee excellence, with thirteen years in the specialty coffee industry, Q grader certification, recognition in both regional and national barista competitions (2013 South Central Regional Barista Competition, Finalist; 2014 South Central Regional Barista Competition, Champion; 2014 United States Barista Competition, Semi-Finalist, 12th in USBCs), and steadfast leadership in the KC coffee community. Jaime oversees Monarch’s creative direction and established the brand’s overall aesthetic vision, cafe design, and strong social media presence.


Upon opening we assembled a solid team of coffee professionals, some veterans, some brand new to the industry. We have a crew of loyal, skilled, good people behind our bar and are proud we continue to retain all of our original staff. We are grateful for all they have contributed to the cafe and Monarch’s culture.


Our aim is to provide a cafe experience where the coffee is excellent, the service is intentional, the space is inspiring, and your visit is satisfying and comfortable.

We are committed to being a welcoming and inclusive anchor in our community, and for our company to embody equity values, in staffing, partnerships, and how we engage with our city and the coffee industry as a whole.