Fall Coffee Offerings Now Available

All of our new coffees are available online now!

Finca la Florida El Salvador

This coffee is exceptionally clean and structured. When we taste this coffee, we’re reminded of blood orange,  pomegranate, and brown sugar. A creamy mouthfeel provides the stage for the flavor attributes to shine. This coffee is the result of a partnership between Arturo Meza Hill, Aida Batlle, and J. Hill & Company.

Gatuyaini AA Kenya

This coffee has layers of fruit in the cup: raspberry, plum, with a sugary sweetness that reminds us of a lemon/lime soda. All of this leads to a lingering rose-like floral character in the finish.

Uraga Samii Ethopia

There are high standards for Ethiopian coffees, and this one does not disappoint. It has a floral-like sweetness that reminds us of honeysuckle, and it explodes with all kinds of fruit flavors: peach, pineapple, and lime.

Emissary Espresso

Emissary is an ever-evolving blend of two coffees, created specifically to be combined with other ingredients and flavors. While its balanced and sweet on its own, it excels most in milk.

Planadas EA Decaf Colombia

We absolutely love this decaf for its creamy, sweet qualities, peach-like acidity and almond character. We are as proud of this coffee as we are any others that we offer, and are happy to offer it as a delicious alternative for anyone who cannot drink caffeinated coffee.

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