Finca La Loma

Nariño, Colombia


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Finca La Loma is a caturra variety, typically known for its bright acidity. It is a natural mutation of the bourbon variety that occurred sometime between 1915 and 1918 in Brazil. Now the variety is grown throughout Central and South America. It’s favored for its compact size, making it possible to grow more plants in a smaller plot of land, and all the cherries are within reach of the pickers.

At Finca La Loma, Jose Ignacio Paz follows traditional processing practices, an 18 hour fermentation, and 5 days drying on a patio. It’s his attention to detail that makes this coffee so delightful. 

This coffee was purchased from Olam Specialty Coffee, out of Providence, Rhode Island.

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13 oz




1950 masl

Cultivar / Variety




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