Cadefihuila EA Decaf

Huila, Colombia


We absolutely love this decaf for its creamy, sweet qualities, it’s peach-like acidity and almond character. We are as proud of this coffee as we are any others that we offer, and are happy to offer it a delicious alternative for anyone who cannot drink caffeinated coffee.

The ethyl acetate method represents the progress made in the quality of decaf coffee. Despite its scientific-sounding name, this process is a natural decaffeination method. It’s a common method in Colombia, due to the abundant availability of sugarcane, from which the ethyl acetate is derived from.

First, the green coffee is steamed, which increases the water content of the coffee, causes it to expand, and ultimately opens the pores of the seed, allowing for easier removal of the caffeine. The coffee then is soaked in an ethyl acetate solution, which acts like a caffeine adhesive. The coffee is rinsed with clean water, then steamed a second time to ensure thorough rinsing of the pores, and then the coffee is dried back to its appropriate moisture content (11%-12%).

Cadefihuila is a cooperative located in Neiva, the capital of the Department of Huila. The coffee is produced by a collection of 15 farmers in the surrounding municipalities of Pitalito, Acevado, and Palestina within Huila. At Cadefihuila, the coffee undergoes a 20-25 hour fermentation, and then it is dried in the sun for 18-30 days.



Additional information


13 oz


Washed, Sugar Cane (ethyl acetate) decaffeination


1700-1850 masl

Cultivar / Variety



Peach, Caramel, Almond

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